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YA — an affirmative reply
from phygital experts

Specialists from YA can turn almost any large object into reality, no matter how complex the shape and as fast as possible. This is not just about high-tech work with polymers and 3D models - only manual skills allow you to get the perfect finished product, with the shape exactly corresponding to the plan.


Line of furniture and household products under YA brand – as bright and expressive as the objects created by the manufacture.

E-gypt collection

Giza H and Giza L side tables, karnak side table, Luxor pedestal

The collection of this modern and non-trivial furniture is inspired by the symbiotic perception of the architectonics of Ancient Egypt buildings and the direction in which the architecture of the XX century took. This is called bio-tech, and these components are processed through the prism of possibilities of modern design and digital technologies.

Ex-periment 60 collection

Spin low coffee table, liaison side tables, totem table module

The collection includes several tables that are both quite functional, but unusual art objects.

It's, on the one hand, memories of the bright years of the early 60s and somewhere nostalgia for them, and on the other hand, a bright creative act of modern object design, created by the most modern technologies.