Who Are We?

Ya Fabrica is not your average manufacturer. Far from it. We are out-of-the-box designers fusing architecture, interior design, and ground-breaking technology to create extraordinary phygital custom-made furniture that adds sophistication and flare to any space.

Phygital, the art of using technology to merge digital and physical elements for a showstopping, interactive experience, is what we are all about. Envision your furniture as art.

Our love for innovation and artistry has soared to unimaginable heights and discovered a phygital universe where nothing is impossible. Here, Ya Fabrica indulges the imagination and pushes past the norm. The result? Stunning and unparalleled artwork.

Inspired by Gaudi’s designs that transcend time and combine architecture, nature, and function, Ya Fabrica is on a mission to design timeless creations that celebrate extraordinary artistry and bespoke furniture.

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Who We Work With

We collaborate with architects, designers, artists, and visionaries who share our passion for innovative art furniture and eclectic design.

As a team of engineers, architects, fabricators, and artists who are passionate about weaving our unique talents together to create magnificent pieces of art, we enjoy working with fellow lovers of statement furniture and art.

Who Have We Worked With Before?

We have had the distinct honour of collaborating with notable designers to produce award-winning art pieces. One being Ariel Palazone, Argentina, which won the gold prize at the Feeel Design World Price Award and was judged by world-renowned designer Karim Rashid.

Another dynamic duo we collaborated with is Candace & Alison on the Sentaler Flagship Toronto. We had the privilege of creating stylish stands that were used for product placement.

Other projects include the Potato Peel Chandelier, which hangs as a statement piece in the Potato Museum in New Brunswick, the E-Gypt furniture collection, and many more.

What We Create

Ya Fabrica combines engineering, art, and technology to enhance exterior and interior décor including phygital retail, collectible art pieces, custom statement pieces, statement furniture, art furniture.

With products ranging from decor items to sculptures and 3D printed furniture, Ya Fabrica proves that there is no limit when it comes to creativity and art. We offer an endless variety of materials that allow us the freedom to create grand art pieces without limitation.

Our creations are inspired by the intangible elements of the human experience and everyday sights and wonders around us. Then using 3-D printers and CNC machines, we create innovative designs and statement art that are unique, exquisite and timeless.

We work with a variety of materials to bring designs to life. One of the main materials we use is Styrofoam because it emits significantly less carbon monoxide than other materials. We are proud to say that our fabrication process creates zero waste and recycled materials.

From Paper to Phygital, Bring Your Idea to Life

Ya Fabrica is a game-changer in custom fabrication. From initial design to final statement piece, every detail is scrutinized with care and each piece of bespoke furniture designed to perfection using state-of-the-art technology.

If you are a designer looking for spectacular, cutting-edge phygital creations, contact us today and let’s embark on an adventure together!

Our Recent Projects

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