Project: Potato Museum

potato peel chandelier
chandelier for potato museum
Potato Peel Chandelier by ya fabrica

Stay tuned: final images of the project are coming soon! 

After 5 months of meticulous production process,we have completed the 8X6 Potato Peel Chandelier for the Potato Museum. This masterpiece was a symbiosis of machinery and the craftsmanship of our dedicated and talented team. From digital files supplied by the architect, our designers created a plug for the form that could be milled out of foam. After that, pure hand workmanship: The plug was milled in Layers of fiberglass and was then laminated over the form to create a casting. With the initial layers of fiberglass complete the pieces were fiberglassed back together and primed with a urethane surface. 

Finally, the potato was painted in a water-based system matched to the client’s Pantone request.

Production Process