Project: Alta Purpura Mota

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  • Project: Alta Purpura Mota
  • Design: YA Fabrica
  • Designer: Yury Goncharov

Introducing “Alta purpura mota,” an armchair that explores the invisible forces shaping our world. Inspired by Isaac Newton’s groundbreaking work, this chair embodies the interplay between potential energy (like a stored spring, ready to release) and kinetic energy (the energy of motion).

As a reminder of the Earth’s constant rotation, the armchair captures the sense of movement as though energy is flowing from its surface. The energy flow is mirrored in the chair’s unique ability to shift colours: a deep purple at night transforms into a vibrant magenta during the day.

Creation of Alta Purpura Mota

Alta Purpura Mota began as a hand-sculpted model, capturing the designer’s artistic vision. It was then refined using digital sculpting and brought to life with the precision of a CNC machine. The final stage involved eight weeks of meticulous hand-finishing, adding the chair’s form, texture, and remarkable colour-shifting quality. It took 8 weeks to perfect to create more than just a seat, but a conversation starter.

This armchair is a representation of phygital art – it blends science and art, the digital and the handmade. “Alta purpura mota,” featured in our worldwide exhibition, invites you to see a familiar object in a new light – to consider the hidden forces that guide our everyday world.